Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Advice on Art and Life

You don’t become an artist. You are one or you’re not.
If you are, you’re either creating or you’re not creating.
Both have their drawbacks; but while creating is frustrating, difficult, scary, occasionally exhilarating and often humiliating, not creating is to doubt one’s own reason for being.

The choice is clear, then; to stay alive the artist needs to create like the shark needs to swim.

We live in an age of irony – everyone is superior to or laughing at someone. We mistake it for sophistication, but it’s cowardice. It’s an unwillingness to stake one’s heart and mind on something for fear of appearing naive. Irony is lazy. Its point is that conviction is meaningless; its point is that there is no point. We think of it as edgy, but nothing is edgy if everyone’s doing it. The really revolutionary act is to create art that attempts to be redemptive, to stand for something, to be unrepentantly earnest. We need that art in this world. Go make it

from Gretchen Peters

Monday, May 12, 2014

GDC Vault

David Rosen overgrowth procedural animation

animation do no harm to the gameplay
if you have half as much time between each stride because your running twice as fast, you can only go up and down half as tall

Building an IP from scratch, Bungie's Destiny

looks like I need to do some mining over at the GDC vault