Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Awesome Jason Ryan Polishing

notes when close the mouth, raise it a tiny bit, flare nostrils a bit, raise cheeks a bit, and opposite when mouth opens, so gives the impression of the squetchy Disney muzzle, the fleshy feel. to do this, makes a locked on face cam, does a whole pass on the cheeks, going through the whole scene, up and out, down and in. also nose raising lowering a bit. Thinking of the whole muzzle as a whole unit. Same thing with the brows, rough in the expressions you want, pushing poses so they're always alive. even if you can't see it from render view, you'll feel it. think in arcs, and don't have to stay centered. subtle amounts of changes, not trying to go off model. nothing hits a wall. (like mouth corners, or eyebrows)