Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Monday, April 18, 2016

Little Stopmotion Thing

Someday I'll have a rig that doesn't fail by the end. Lot of fun though

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Cosmic Shame - Tenacious D

Constraints and Accountability

progress is made with constraints and accountability 

Jake Parker said that in one of his videos, constraints so there's some kind of structure to it, and accountability so you don't just let yourself off the hook

David Talley
your creative push interview

at 17 min in talks about being inspired by someone doing a 365 photography project. Before he was inspired he was just idly taking photos that weren't satisfying his vision, but he didn't have a reason to work hard to make the art he wanted to make. So his goal became "take a photos every single day, and try and get better every single day". The challenge gave him the framework to improve. As creatives we love the idea but hate the hard work, but have to combine them to get stuff done. So he always has a time based project (usually 52 week themed project, like the alphabet project every 2 weeks shoot something on next letter). It's not hard to create good photos, you can have the skills and tools, but if you don't have a purpose in creating an image (like an overall project) you lose sight of your motivation and feel more and more resistance.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Directing Tips

This interview had this idea about directing non actors

Just before the shoot, I would read the scene for them so they wouldn't strictly memorize the dialogue.

We had lots of long scenes; some were seven minutes long. [This rehearsal process] makes those scenes even more magical because it creates unrepeatable moments. The actors are living the scene for real at that point, six minutes in. They can’t rationally think about the acting.

In the direction process with the child actor, I said, "Do not talk if you don't believe in what you are going to say. If you don't feel it will be real, just breathe until you do." For me, the best moments in the film are the breaths of this little girl. In some moments, she doesn't say anything because she’s just thinking and concentrating and waiting for the exact moment where she believes what she's about to say.