Monday, November 24, 2014

Convos with my Child

My wife just showed these to me, they are fantastic, because they take the regular power interplay between kids and their parents, and with both parties being equal you can see how much of a status interaction it is. Also these will be AWESOME for pulling clips to animate from "I'm naked, so I'm the boss."

Friday, November 14, 2014

Daniel Gonzales notes

ran across animator Daniel Gonzales blog

he has a summary of Glen Keanes rhythm tilt twist
 rhtyhm - " So in a drawing, every line flows and curves into each other creating a rythm. it'll capture your eyes lead it around the drawing in a sort of dance."
 tilt - contraposta, keep things from being stiff
 twist - don't keep things flat

 and a good group of animation excercises that mostly don't require special models

Bouncing ball (loop) (squash and stretch/spacing)
Bouncing ball across the screen (2 bounces) (squash and stretch/spacing)
Cinder Block sliding off a shelf, hitting the floor. (spacing, form)
Flour Sac Jump (mass)
A blink (spacing/squash and stretch)
A head turn (transitions/ arcs)

breaking a sweat
walk cycle (technical)
run cycle (technical)
character jumping (physical/ spacing)
Suicide backwards fall off a ledge (subtle delays and overlap)
A character getting up from a chair (physical, anticipation)
A smile (face muscles, appeal)
A sneeze (exaggeration and timing)
Do an action that requires a 'smear' (technical)
Laughing (reference studying)

Marathon training
Animate a hand doing something-close up (anatomy)
character lifting a heavy object (weight)
animate a dog shaking after a bath (overlap follow through)
hammering a nail (timing spacing)
character blowing up a balloon (physicality)
piano falling on a character (timing weight)
character brushing their teeth (personality)
character eating a sandwich (personality)
getting up out of bed (physical personality)
waiting for the bus stop (entertainment/ appeal)

Quitters quit, winners win
character throwing a bucket of water on another (physical acting)
tug of war b/w two characters (tension)
character drinking wine (research)
character making an egg- full process from fridge to mouth (rhythm and timing)
A feather falling and being blown by the wind (reference)
character reacting to "your parents are dead" (acting)
putting on a pair of pants (physical)
sleeping character being startled, then going back to sleep (rhythm and texture)

and some nice acting clips

and this idea of organizing time I've been trying to re track down for a few years now

Colin Firth on acting