Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Thomas Romain

Another great collection of tips by Thomas Romain

Monday, February 15, 2016

Color and Light

I've been watching a lot of schoolism lately. There's a lot of recomendation for lighting cool vs warm lights, but I missed or it didn't get mentioned the WHY. (aside from the obvious simple one of just contrast)

Ran across this lighting tutorial by Richard On which I think might actually have an explanation:it's the contrast of two different states, frequently natural lighting against human made, so kind of the way human faces always pull our attention, it's a sign of other humans, or maybe just the difference of big overall skybox and a small change against it. The tutorial also had an interesting point with this photo
Namely that restuarants create mood and interest with many low level lights, creating lots of interesting soft points of focus and lots of lightsources means lots of spec highlights to twinkle.

Also was looking at who does instagram feeling bloomy pictures

and he has a tutorial he makes a great point that bounce light off skin onto skin doubles the warmth/saturation (sss causes increase in saturation because it's hitting all the stuff it's made of, so on humans it warms up because it's bouncing around all that meat and blood). He also has a sss stage where he just paints an overlay red line at the terminator (and thin areas like ears) to show the sss bounce the light past the terminator. Oh, he also did a youtube tut

Incidentally he mentions he went from 20 followers to 14k on tumblr in a year, and I think it's because he was posting every other day. And his most liked image was Catwoman, so again the idea of leveraging off fandom to catapult interest in your stuff.