Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Reading Jason Osipa's Stop Staring again. Came across 2 interesting ideas.

1. Use the brows last, first tilt the head, then add the brows.

2. Brows move pretty quick, even lowering can't really do it long and slow.

also he mentions that emotions should antic the words, you think faster then you talk, so the emotions of what you're thinking about should start showing up on your face before it comes out through your voice. An emotional gear change should happen in the face anticipating the change in tone in the voice.

also eyebrows squeezing together and lower eyelid squinting both basically mean "think"

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


interesting painter's blog: Figures and Muses

especially this part:
Working so intensely with colour to turn form is very new to me, and I am learning more every day. It is a fascinating thing, and string I desperately want to add to my bow. Most of my work is done at 3/4 lighting, casting shadows across half of the face. This light and dark interplay is how I have been turning the form in my work. Studies such as these are arming me with the tools to handle a rather flatly lit subjects (as plenty of Sargents portraits often were) and thus are opening me up to more oppurtunities for painting. Not to mention being able to inject more and more colour into my work, without it looking inappropriate or garish.(he's practicing by copying Sargent portraits.)

also, interesting concept artists here

Thursday, May 1, 2008

surf's up

Just saw surf's up, which was a pretty fun movie.

Amusingly netflix sent it the same week I was concentrating on learning the same lesson it was teaching.

"if it's not fun, why do it"

more blinks

more physiological eye goodness from my old mentorKevin Koch.

Blinks are almost all in the upper lid, only a teeny bit in lower.

Blink less frequently when concentrating, and there's a burst of blinks in anticipation to concentrating.

he also broke down physiologically how long blinks last in milleseconds, and what it looked like averaged in frames, different then the 2d canon.