Friday, December 5, 2014

Viewport 2.0

Who's got time for fancy renders. (though they are pretty)

Tim Rudder lays out how to use viewport 2.0 in maya. Nice and quick. Just flip it on under the panel's renderer.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Jackie Chan - Every Frame a painting

I've watched all of this guys vids, he's got a lot of great points. 

Why is jackie chan so awesome?

Jackie combines action and comedy in one scene (most other movies do one and then the other)

action that is also funny: Jackie starts with a disadvantage (no shoes, handcuff)  so he has to fight his way back up, each action has a logical reaction

2 because he's the underdog he has to get creative, using anything around him
makes each fight organic and grounded and gives unique jokes

3 clarity dresses clearly, frames clearly, sets up the next shot (throws a stuntman off a balcony frame shows staircase which will be the next stunt. keeps camera still wide angle so can see everything. Everything is more impressive because action and reaction are in same frame, also works for comedy action and reaction in one shot is more funny.

5. time - willing to take as many takes to get it right (expensive)

6. rhythm - distinct musical rhythm (american editors break it with their cuts on every single hit), grew out of chinese opera timing, got to hold the shot long enough to feel the rhythm.

7. first shot hit opponent in wide, in 2nd shot hit close up, don't match continuity across cuts, rewind 2nd cut for a little more anticipation (3 frames) so you feel the hit (cuz you see it twice). American films cut on the hit so it looks like a bunch of people flailing around

8. pain = jackie gets hurt, doesn't look invincible, pain humanizes him, his expressions sell a joke

9. by fighting his way from the botom he earns a fantastic finish, he wins not because he's a better fighter but because he never stops never gives up

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Michael Amos Action Analysis

Michael Amos has a blog that has some interesting posts.  (podcast with him here)

Such as this one about mouths.