Monday, August 25, 2008

sad reference

Carlos Baena in July had a post that was analyzing a guys emotions as he relived his war memories, which was great for emotion analysis, but a little heavy to watch. A similar site for emotion analysis is this one that's about drunk drivers, a little easier to watch because they're actors.


clockwerkz said...

Hey Alonso, I found the war memories clip to be a lot more powerful, but I'm thinking I might have been biased since I knew the drunk driver one was an actor. Still, there's something about the war memory clip that hits you right in the gut. The drunk driving one is good, but I didn't quite empathize nearly as much as I did with the war vet.

Alonso said...

yeah, I agree, the war vet guy is really true. The actors do a good job, and it seems like what they are doing is trying to live the experience, but it feels a little artificial, maybe just because of the setting, because they're standing, and maybe because they break down so fast, whereas the war vet fights it a lot. either way, good stuff to analyze