Monday, October 6, 2008

11sec crit Aug2008

Latest critique of the August winner of the 11secondclub by Sean Sexton.

Obvious that Sean comes from a 2D background, because he's very focused on the contour of the character, which makes sense because in the end everything winds up as a 2D image on the screen and must read well as a graphical shape. His main critiques was that the spacing needed polish on some movements, it was causing the character's silhouette to "boil".

Also he talked about easing in and out of eyedarts. Tiny little cushion. So in this example a 4 frame eyedart, small cushion out to 2, then huge spacing pop to 3, and small cushion in to final at 4. Only throw in a breakdown if crossing the entire eye (like 3 in the 2nd example). Reminds me of Animation Survival Kit's 2 pose run, same principal (p.196). Biomechanically it makes sense because our eyes move in short little bursts, so a little burst as start aiming, and then the jump, then the final shift as reposition from where landed to what the eye was aiming at.

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