Saturday, November 1, 2008

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lots of random links I'm tired of having clutter up my bookmarks but I don't want to lose. (that's what this blog is for, mobile notebook so I don't have to keep track of things anywhere else)

BBC motion gallery, must have reference link for any animator

the must have link for texture artists

Charles Zembillas 603 collection of concept art/character design for Jak and Daxter, interesting to see the style evolve as the project went on.

Manfred Ragossnig Coloring Bishop vid tut on texturing Animation Mentor's Bishop character (I may know enough now to no longer need this, but now it's here if I do)

Point n Click free software to make your own point and click adventure game, (Day of the Tentacle, Sam and Max, King's Quest, Peasant's Quest) would be cool to do sometime

Chris Georgenes how to use Flash for the flat 2D Graphic actiony tv shows (Dexter's Laboratory, Foster's Home...) screen captured walk through

Hayk Manukyan flash tutorial vids for using flash in the traditional way, a little dry but full of useful info on 2D technique. By the guy who does the Neenja shorts, which are fun.

More flash stuff, fx stuff this time

site for stealing vids off youtube

National Film Board of Canada so Canada promotes their own homegrown animation, here's a place to watch a lot of the shorts they've commissioned.

Abandoned Places Henk van Rensbergen photographs abandoned old factories and eastern bloc industrial stuff, cool images, great material for a zombie anything.

another abandoned places photographer

And sooner or later we're gonna get chickens, so here's some urban chicken coops Bawk Bawk!

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