Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kevin Webb

thinking about finally becoming an apprentice to the black arts of rigging and modeling, since Animation Mentor has come out with Bishop 2.0.

Ran across this really appealing character by Kevin Webb. good inspiration.

Facial rig test from Kevin Webb on Vimeo.

Zooey Lipsync from Kevin Webb on Vimeo.


Ratul Sarna said...

The facial test is so meaty! I love the phrase "black arts of rigging and modelling" as they seem so to me too.... Really scared of them.

And Bishop 2.0 looks insanely koool!!

Cheers :)

Alonso said...

yeah, it would be cool to be able to make and rig cool models like this, but honestly I'd much rather animate them. But spline dr.s and other pro's talking always about not using stock rigs, and the fact that I think everyone who's gone to work in film shops actually knows some of the black arts makes me think that AM's claim that you only need to learn to animate may not be quite true. Maybe it's like if the computer is just a pencil, not knowing how to model or rig is like not knowing how to use the eraser, you've limited yourself.

We'll see if I make any progress before getting distracted ;P