Thursday, November 18, 2010

Olivier Ladeuix - pixar face sync

Olivier has a great post on his blog framing through a quick pixar shot.


michelle said...

Hey Thanks, Alonso, was just seeking some inspiration, and thanks for this link because I found a really great link by Cameron Fielding on Olivier Ladieux's blog. I've seen Cameron's work on your blog before, that amazing Turok sequence! Anyway, Olivier has posted this great link of Cameron Fielding on his blog talking about the realities of actually moving and working overseas and what he learnt in hindsight plus golden tips. Thanks for the link, I'm going to pass it on to the students at our course. it's giving ME a bit of a reality check re: goals! Cheers!

michelle said...

Oh yes, thanks for these links too, Great lipsync tips to think about re other things to consider besides mouthshape, plus I see Olivier has a great wall jump posted which kind of illustrates your last tip to me about mastering the bricks of animation! Awesome!