Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Recently saw one of the latest CG flicks (nothing to do with the flick above;), and while the story was well put together the visuals just bored me. What's the point of making a really blue sky with really green grass? (Lango was talking about this a while back.)

So it had me thinking, "well, what would be better?" So I went wandering through my inspiration folder of images I've pulled off the net. I was digging one of the artists from the Illusionario team so once I tracked their cghub page down I found their blog and lol they're all ready making their own short films with their ideas.

here's the images that pulled me in, I was digging the way the non important environment elements unify into large monochrome shape blocks, there's extra texture in them if you are interested but the overall expression is made instantly.

and then I just love how fresh and bendy this character is (sorry if it's NSFW)

so I'll be doing some more digging on that site, but I'm running home now, so now I can find it later. Here's their youtube page


Anonymous said...

That Keith Lango link (especially about Harmony) and your post on the Call of the Indie is absolutely priceless! I'm working my way through your list too, if you don't mind, it's golden, I have a bit of time, and I'm taking the time to watch, think about and explore and make notes! It's helping me think about how I can fit in somewhere in this business, think on my feet, and where and how I need to focus my efforts. These links are an education! Thanks heaps for sharing and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, your wife and baby! I'm looking forward to reading more posts by you on Ilusionario!

Alonso said...

Hope your holidays go well as well :) The Indie links are all kind of about starting a new paradigm of creator driven content, trying to figure out a way that a person could do that and a way to distribute it to get paid. The Lango links are part about that and part just about the fact that it's impossible (without a ton of time) for 1 person to reach feature film level of polish, so it's silly to try to match that game and instead it's useful to rephrase the challenge.

If you rephrase the goal as "to tell an emotional compelling story" and let drop "in a realistic world with realistic characters" it opens up a much wider possiblity of short film.

Like to point out
Michael Dudok de Wit's
monk and fish
Father and Daughter

Ian Worrel's awesome stuff

And Grickle's great mood stuff

as examples of what you can do to instill mood and emotion with less.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alonso, I also replied on my blog, thanks heaps for the links!I think these are important concerns for new animators. I think and read and comprehend that you have to somehow become much more flexible with seeking work, the Ted video is spot on!I don't think I'm going to start anything but I'm definitely going to think more about a smaller and already interested audience, AND try to think outside of the square...hmmm better get cracking!