Sunday, February 27, 2011

Psychology of Creativity

My brother gave me an old poetry magazine he was done with. There was a great article by Dennis Cass, it talked about how creativity works, the different ways it works, and then suggested ways of using the knowledge of how it works to get yourself out of a block. Applicable to any creative field. Check it out here.

fixation - getting stuck
mental set fixation: can't stop trying to apply solutions to old problems to the new problem (when you have a hammer every problem looks like a nail) comes from short term experience take a walk and you'll come to the problem with new ideas
functional fixation: not being able to think out the box (pliers are only used for grabbing, blocks you for thinking of them as a pendulum weight)

creative process:
divergent thinking
= brainstorming, has 3 parts
fluency: lots of ideas
flexibility: variety of ideas
originality: how unique the ideas are

convergent thinking: editing and narrowing ideas into the final One

types of creativity:
innovative: lots of crazy ideas, not worried about stupid ideas
adaptive: more focused tight ideas, expect results

so if you recognize your stuck you can try and figure out how you've been approaching your problem and try approaching it with one of the other forms of creativity to get around it.

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