Friday, April 1, 2011


Gah, looks BEAUTIFUL! Story ... doesn't quiet hold together, but LOVE the look. By Hiroyasu Ishida who did Fumiko's Confession

* found on the brew


michelle said...

Phew, wow so lovely...and sad...and beautiful....something to rewatch to catch the subtleties....timely really....the child is the hopeful figure who is able to reactivate the robot and it seems to be about time passing but also continuity....must watch it all the comments on cartoon brew as it is causing a bit of a debate....can't get over how small the little yellow figure is in the scape sometimes!

Alonso said...

yeah, I love how he's willing to really push the size of the characters in the frame, something I always shy away from. It really allows the environment to be a much larger character in it's own right.