Monday, August 22, 2011

Cigar Box Guitar

Nothing related to anything I usually post about, but I'm all excited about Cigar Box Guitars. The idea being you don't need a big fancy expensive consumer product to make music, just whip something together and start rocking.

There's a whole ning site dedicated to it. (saw one made out of a frying pan over there) and they have a ton of how to's, from super simple to lutheir quality.

Uncle Crow threw up a how to build one in an hour video walk thru for a cost of less then $15

Red Dog Guitars
has a lot of fancy nicely done ones, and has some great music on the site.

Dr. Oakroot made a bass guitar using weed wacker strings

a 2nd ning group on the same thing

I just love the raw sound and the D.I.Y. approach

anyway, now I have the links wherever I go

and as long as we're talking home made instruments:

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