Thursday, November 3, 2011

Standard Action

So if you have a high tolerance for geekness, there's this pretty cool web series being done by some Canadians. Standard Action I think it's the woman with the fur vest's project (Joanna Gaskell), and funded by her. Pretty decent, I mean you won't mistake it for a big budget HBO series or anythinhg, but is good enough that you can buy into it if you let yourself. This is exactly the kind of thing I had expected to flood the interwebs once the bandwidth issue was solved, but instead of we have people pasting Evanescence over anime movies, human creativity disapoint.

panel with the creators
There were a lot of people we wanted to get involved with our project so we thought lets just do it, make it, get it out there, let's just do it as fast as possible, we didn't want it to get lost in post production because the editing process just mires you down because it's so difficult. Instead of getting really parylized with having to make it perfect, we decided to just make it. We filmed 10-12 pages in a day. If the director gives the actor freedom to run with their ideas it always turns out better. We shoot on the weekends, every other weekend we do post production, a lot of hours, so basically the hours of another day job. Tried to do block shooting (all the shots in a scene from multiple episodes at the same time). An intense schedule for 7-8 months.

Cannon DSLR T2i (think you can get better camera's now for same price)
Zoom H4N (and just got a rode)
Adobe Premiere Pro for editing
Adobe AfterEffects for fx
Audacity for sound editing (reaper was recommended by an audience member)

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