Thursday, February 16, 2012


Awesome short, Hand Draw & CG mixed. Directed by Ty Carter Dudes already interned at Pixar and Disney and now working at Bluesky, up and comer!

DreamGiver from Tyler Carter on Vimeo.

making of

DreamGiver BTS from Wyatt Strain on Vimeo.

Bit disappointed the black kid dreams about jazz, just seemed like an easy stereotype, like why not swap him with the astronaut kid? Ah well minor nitpick.

Interesting post on his blog, his thinking while making a BG plates on how to use it to sell mood and advance the story. And another. He talks about having to throw stuff out because he hand't considered it in sequence enough. Also talks about working on thumbnails to deadlines so as to make progress fast and lay good foundations.
* found on brew

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