Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Scriptshadow on Indiana Jones

Ran across an article on Indy. I'd been trying to figure out why we love Indiana Jones when he's an anti hero. They had some good thoughts on it.

Good at what he does (we love how cool and collected he is about dealing with deadly booby traps and swinging from his whip). The story is driven by his choices, it's not happening to him, he's deciding where we all go. He keeps getting screwed over so we sympathize with him.

Action sequences need to be about clear goals. (another article on this) Remind us of the stakes so we care. (and that video review of the same idea)

Indy can hold up against Michael Bay's cutting because the pace is built into the story. When he shows up in Cairo, suddenly he learns that the German's have a whole army working on the thing he thought he'd be able to slip in and get = less time and more challenge.

Keep exposition interesting. Indy and Marion are having a backstory conversation, but it's kept interesting because it's intercut with bad guys getting into position. (total hitchcock move)

makes me want to read more of Scriptshadows articles

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