Monday, May 7, 2012

Lot O Reels

 Always kind of depressing to find strong reels ;) Also interesting how much I'm distracted by production value (music, cinematography, lighting ) even though I should know better. Makes me feel like I have to level up those other skills to have a reel that will compete :(  Aaagh no time to do learn it all, they must be using hacks.

Nic Cabana

Alexandre Ronco

Jane Stewart

cesc pujol

Agnes Podolecka

Zach Bova

Tania Simeons

David Wesch

Thierry Dezarmenien

Matthias Lappe

Richie Gunzer


Nic Cabana said...

Geez Alonso! This is really neat man, thanks a LOT! Glad you liked the reel :). Keep in touch!

Alonso said...

Awesome stuff man! You watch out, I'll catch up to you some day ;)

Tyanim said...

Hey Alonso, Thank you for posting all this amazing reels... hey wait mine is in to:D wahooh I m super happy! Have a great day man

Alex Ronco said...

Wow thanks a lot Alonso, this is really cool to have posted so many reels!!

Alonso said...

I think most of them are off of your blog Alex :P
Keep it up guys you guys are inspiring!

Frank said...

Hey Alonso. Great post. I see you have Richie Gunzer's reel in the mix.

I met Richie at a Gobelins Summer School in 2009. He just posted on Facebook that he scored an internship at Pixar.

Also the ARC blog had evolved through a jungle phase into "The Animation Garden" and Ian and I have quite a lively Facebook page on the go:

I hope it is OK to link to your posts via the Animation Garden?

Great to see you're still blogging so strongly

Alonso said...

Hey Frank,

Great that you guys are keeping up with the spreading the animation love, didn't realize you'd moved over to facebook, I'll have to swing by. No problem posting anything you find on my blog.

I met Richie at the Animation Collaborative (the school across the street from Pixar) he was working there as their IT tech guy. He's a good guy.