Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kevin Jackson CGtrick

ran across a walk thru by Kevin Jackson. Interesting he's using the top character control as his main mover, so that if the character does a flip or runs he doesn't have to move all IK handles and hips.

Makes me think of the CG-Fu tricks I learned from Michael Makarewicz at AnimationCollaborative. Essentially it's taking full advantage of the way the computer works. (one of Mike's tricks was on the Kevin bird from UP copying the translation of the branch to the feet, as a way to nail the feet to the branch without using constraints.)(unfortunately I feel like I've tried to work with the computer but it doesn't want to work with me (ie character sets.))  Anyway, seems like it's useful to know some CG-fu to be able to block fast.

*found on Kenny Roy

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