Monday, February 18, 2013

More Stopmo Practice

So since I put my foot in it and actually said I'm working on a short, feel like I have to actually update regularly on it :P

Accomplished this week:

played a show :P  (I'm the short one on the right with the bass)
went to valentines day at my son's kindergarden

but stopmotion/short wise  not much

a little more practice, which has me thinking that these little tests are kind of top priority for now, until I can actually get this puppet moving without flashing and popping all over. Guess I'm going to keep doing these little tests for a bit until I can start thinking about performance instead of just trying to achieve believable physical movement.

might be a long journey, but it's super fun!

thanks for the encouragement Justin, though you may want to withdraw it when you see my akward biped ;)

1 comment:

jriggity said...

The magic begins man!!!

super exciting time.....keep cranking your skills will transfer right on over the the real world.