Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Walter Murch rule of 6 for editing

Walter Murch top editor. An article on his rules for editing.

What I’m suggesting is a list of priorities. If you have to give up something, don’t ever give up emo­tion before story. Don’t give up story before rhythm, don’t give up rhythm before eye-trace, don’t give up eye-trace before planarity, and don’t give up planarity before spatial continuity.”

emotion > story > rhythm > eye-trae > planarity > spatial continuity

1. Emotion

How will this cut affect the audience emotionally at this particular moment in the film?

2. Story  

Does the edit move the story forward in a meaningful way?

3. Rhythm
Is the cut at a point that makes rhythmic sense?

4. Eye Trace

How does the cut affect the location and movement of the audience’s focus in that particular film?

5. Two Dimensional Place of Screen

Is the axis followed properly? Screen direction consistent

6. Three Dimensional Space

Is the cut true to established physical and spacial relationships? 180 rule

1. Emotion (51%)
2. Story (23%)
3. Rhythm (10%)
4. Eye Trace (7%)
5. 2D Place of Screen (5%)
6. 3D Space (4%)

* Oh and something I just learned from somewhere else. 30 degree rule, always move the camera at least 30 degrees and preferably to a different depth in space so that it never feels like a jump cut. (So like cutting angles zooming in on someone monologuing)

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