Monday, March 9, 2009

Animation Punctuation

WAS WATCHING SOME OF MY OLD ANIMATIONS YESTERDAY WITHOUT SOUND, AND IT OCCURRED TO ME THAT JUST LIKE TYPING IN ALL CAPS. Or using an exclamation point in place of every punctuation mark! You stop feeling it! it all just blends together! and you can't really appreciate when you do make a point! There was an 11sec critique that mentioned this! !Nick Bruno!

But basically, if everything is at 100% then you don't feel it. Specifically every accent I was hitting big with a big pose change, a big reversal in line of action a big arm gesture a big facial change, and without sound I couldn't tell where the point of the shot was, it all just blended away. So in the future I plan on deciding on what the heart of the scene is (operative word) and then dialing down all the other sub accents so that the main accent grabs the most attention.

learning all the time.


David Martinez said...

Great post Alonso,

It is important to make sure that we are putting our "exclamation points" only where they should be.

In other words, it's all about contrast. Having contrast does not mean that we have to have everything exaggerated or super big. Instead, we want to make sure that we are having that contrast in the important points of the animations.

As you say, it is really important to decide which is the operative word of the line and make sure that it comes across even when you see the animation without audio at all.

As Keith Lango said once. It is like when Helen Park (From the Incredibles) tells Dash that:

- Everyone is special

And Dash answers:

- Another way of saying that no body really is

Same happens with contrast. If you make everything big or adding those "exclamation points" in every single sentence, you end up with something flat which is not interesting at all.

Keep the great posts coming man!
Take care!

jriggity said...

always fun to watch these.