Thursday, March 19, 2009

Patrick Boivin

Found over at lineboil

Patrick Boivin is that dude who made the youtube streetfighter videogame pretty clever, nicely animated. What I like most is he just does it with clay, helping hands (those little pincer things) and action figures, getting right to the animation and sidestepping the arcane arts of armature and model making, but of course sidestepping right into the arcane arts of greenscreening and matchmoving. Self taught, the guys got mad animation skillz.

looking through his youtube gallery I realize I have already seen some of his directorial stuff over at Openfilm which I mentioned back in September


mattanimation said...

Thanks for posting those, sweet stuff. He really is talented

Anonymous said...

wow! nice blog. love this Patrick Boivin's game.
at first I found it on and there it seems better.