Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Film Note, and Internet Video Savior?

"the audience loves who the camera loves" that was the thought that occurred to me tonight while I was thinking about Shot by Shot, I didn't get much out of that book, it all felt somewhat obvious, but that point that the longer and more direct the camera spends looking at someone the more the audience will identify with them and be on their side.

Unrelatedly, ran across which appears to be what I had had high hopes that youtube was going to be. Namely, with the gatekeepers of media (hollywood) sidestepped I thought it would open a floodgate of creativity, since all these people who are so in love with visual storytelling now had the possibility to make their own stories and put them out there to be seen. Sadly the world appears to be filled with 14 year olds who think that it's a mark of creativity to put a puddle of mud song onto a naruta video. Except for these guys. But suddenly I find Openfilm and am filled with hope that there is still some creativity out there, we'll see how it pans out with future exploration.

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