Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pete Doctor interviewed by Terry Gross

Pete Doctor (director of Pixar's UP) interviewed by Terry Gross listenable now

on the snipe bird, no facial expressions, like the muppets, all the emotion comes through the movement, the posing, the speed at which it moves

We tried to set up a situation and instead of having to move it along: "WHAT HAPPENS NEXT, MOVE IT ALONG!!!" we try to allow the characters to just behave and react, some of the greatest animations are little observations beautiful glimpses into real life that are somehow captured and distilled and made more real through animation Miyazaki is great at this

Joe Grant: what are you giving the audience to take home? What are you putting up on the screen that is emotionalably relateable that the audience will identify with and they will think about the next day, the next month, the next year.

How do you squeeze a whole backstory and life into a 3 mintue sequence? We started long, with dialogue and stuff. Ronnie Del Carmen (lead story artist) made beautiful
boards, so they put it together and cut and cut and cut. And then we were thinking about old Super 8 home movies, or audio tapes, and how since they are lacking something (sound or visual) you have to become more of an active particapant in the absorbing it.

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