Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pigeon Impossible

Just watched all Lucas Martel's video podcasts over at Pigeon Impossible. Very watchable and some good tricks to help get through a short film (like a baked generic cloth sim animated blendshape so the animator can turn the wind on or off without having to sim it, or feedback on the IK handles changing color to say you've pulled to far, or the advantage of locking your camera early (so you can throw the BG on the render que while you finish animation) Gonna flip through the blog now.

Also if you're an XSI person, he's super generous, scripts and rigs even to help out the community.

*here comes the blog stuff :)
Review of Multipass lighting from Siggraph. Interesting, storage space is cheaper then power, so if you're poor putting it all together in comp is easier, but if you have the $$ it's easiest to make the software spit it out close to finished. And speaking of mixing in comp, his podcast on RGB passes was a great reminder of that clever trick (using a Red Green and Blue light as your 3 fixed lights so that you can assign them to channels and mix intensities in post)

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Fun find....

dood is entertaining and educational.