Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Arguement in a story

Review of The Mist over at James Hull's StoryFanatic

When you only show one side of the argument and leave other parts out, you are essentially engaging in propaganda. Audiences will have a hard time buying it.

It’s easier to convince someone if you show both sides of an issue

By showing both the positive and negative aspects of an issue you build up in the audience a sum total of where the author stands. You show good, then you show some bad, and then maybe some more bad, and then maybe another touch of good, and then end with a big heaping pile of bad. In this way the audience themselves are responsible for the final step in appreciating the meaning of a story by adding all the negatives and positives together and arriving at a conclusion. You have then effectively communicated your message without beating them over the head. It’s far more easier to convince someone of your argument when you present them both sides of the issue. "

Of course you're the writer, nothing to stop you from using a straw man.

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