Friday, April 17, 2009

Tom Jech

Animator, you know him from that Fjorg demo, got an internship at Pixar, has some good posts on his blog

Being Original be more specific

Subtext show your thoughts with your body language

Cake or Death a choice between good or evil is obvious, a choice between honest and kind is less so

Review of Anatomy of a Story
think I already linked to this before


Ian said...

Great find Alonso! Nice work :)

frank said...

Hey Alonso,

I loved the Fjorg clip. It's great to read that this animator is rising up.

Alonso said...

What I gleaned from his blog was that he did Fjorg with his friends, got an internship at Pixar through that, and after his internship went to work with Bungie in Washington state on Halo.

He's got some great thoughts he's shared.