Tuesday, April 21, 2009

11sec Feb & March

Watched the crits for Feb and March winners at 11 sec club. Good stuff as always, but not much that's easily distillable. The usual stuff of savoring poses longer, working within them, choosing motions and acting that matches the dialogue, etc.

In the March one, Jason Martinson mentions a trick he learned from his supervisor at BlueSky. In Matt's animation the character drops down from standing. Jason suggests that invisible antic's (1 frame long) where maybe only part of the body moves in the antic direction while other parts move in the movements direction can help to loosen it up, and help to cut frames out to make the motion snappier. So in the dropping down example hunching the shoulders up and bringing an arm up right before the drop. Interesting since it's coming from Bluesky who was so super snappy in Horton.

A 2nd trick was the character came to a point where he was staring off into nothing while he's talking, monologuing basicly, Jason recommends shifting the gaze slightly up or down to make it more clear that the character's in his own mind.

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