Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bargue - Old School Art Teachin

Classical art training used to be you would copy litho's of famous art, then do drawings from plaster casts, then paintings from casts, then drawings from models posed classically (have to distinguish color into straight value), then paintings from models, then you're on your own.

I hadn't realized that the lithographs everyone copied, (and still do), where created by Charles Bargue. Apparently the litho's were collected and republished recently as the Drawing Course by Charles Brague. Which looks like it may be difficult to track down.

Anyway, has me curious about it. This dude (Paul Foxton) chronicles his following it. And has a breakdown of the advised approach to drawing.

* thought I'd added this a long time ago. Hans-Peter Szameit lays out how this sight size approach is not historical, that Bargue himself didn't use it. Interesting to get the alternate view..... doh, I had
* and there's a wiki on it now

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