Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fun is the best technique

I'm pretending I'll actually have time to do a short film, so I was storyboarding and pulled out old storyboards for this idea I had done a few years ago. Amusingly I liked the old ones better, from before I had read so much about film and theater craft.

Reminds me of Mark Kennedy's post on Indiana Jones' airplane fight, where he talks about the fact that we aren't given a clear idea of where Marion is, and the huge fact that some fighting happens but it doesn't advance the story at all. And it's a super fun flick even though it's not 'following the rules'

And of Ed Hooks craft notes for Jan 2010 (he hasn't archived them yet so I can't give you a permanent link) With the great quoate of "When you didn’t know much about it, you simply jumped into the pool and splashed around. Now you dare not get wet until you are absolutely certain that you can do five laps with alternating strokes."

And a little bit of DJ Nicke's Animation Salvation thing where he talks about having too much knowledge without putting it to practice makes you flabby. (Nutrients + Stress + Recovery, being his key to peak performance, mentally nutrients=education)

And it all comes down to don't worry so much about doing it "right" and just have fun, trust your instincts!

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Frank said...

Hey Alonso. Nice post. Keep on putting them up there.