Monday, January 11, 2010

Making Appealing Cartoon Drawings

There are some artists that everything they do is just appealing to me. Dan Segarra, Sarah Mensinga etc. I've been reading a blog by Rad Sechrist (storyboard artist at Dreamworks, and Comic artist who contributes to Flight). His blog is a great source of his exploration and continual pushing to improve himself. (depressing in a way to think how far I would have to go). Anyway, he breaks it down pretty quick and simply here and here that basically I am responding to the way the lines flow into each other, the rhythm of the mark making, which comes down to body parts and contours flowing into each other, instead of being stuck onto each other like playdough.

He also breaks down how to lift the disney style, which honestly is really strong. heads, noses.

*JHD pointed him out to me

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