Monday, February 15, 2010

Norman modding tuts

Was poking at Norman recently, really is a nice rig.

Nair Archawattana has this write up on the Animation Buffet

Joshua Slice apparently did a live tut how to that was inscribed by Vaughan Weigert
on the animation club forum here and here

and Doe Hyoung Kim has a mel for quick skin wrapping

The spline doctors complain about SOOO many demo's looking the same but with these resources it seems foolish not to make the effort to try and give them something fresh to look at.

pic by Shiva Kumar Adloori   (thanks anonymous poster ;)

 *update 2/26 Shiva also has an alternate version you can download that has a more muscled base mesh. Oh, and I just learned a neat trick in Maya 2009, hitting b turns on soft select, holding b and dragging scales it.

*update 9/21 Romain Digonnet's started a library of mod'ed Normans


Anonymous said...

The above picture is done by Shiva Kumar Adloori. :)

jriggity said...

Yeah....I know Shiva.I work with him....ha!!

Hes an awesome animator and cool dood too.


Franko said...

Thanks for this post Alonso. My student animators are testing out a number of rigs. The information in this post will help heaps.