Monday, February 8, 2010

Squishy handdrawn flow in CG

Daniel Martinez Lara has been on the scene for a long time. Just ran across this vid of his where he pulls an animation out of Maya into Blender,(since Maya can export vertex animation now) vertex deforms it all up, then brings it back into Maya. Skim through this vid and marvel

AniSculpt -- Maya Connection Script from pepeland on Vimeo.

Here's where to download the script he wrote to get it out and into Maya. And a step by step walkthru. Apparently Blender's sculpting tools are very nice and easy to use, with a smart application of a grease pencil too it makes his Anisculpt technique (watch his demo of it.)

my coworkers think this might be possible all in Maya using a soft mod tool, but not as clean and easy.

what got me looking at this stuff was a vid he posted with super easy changing of the geometry, something I've wanted to make but haven't had the td skills, a CG everyman that's easy to quickly change into a new character.  He's rolling with some of the ideas Lango explored.

 * as a side note, it's interesting to watch the assymetry in Lara's face as he speaks 

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