Thursday, May 13, 2010

11 Sec Crit - February

Nedy Acet won Feb's 11 second Club Kevin Koch did a vid review

This has been executed so well that it looks like it could be rotoscoped or motion captured. The solution is to push the exaggeration more. Push the poses to be more extreme after a quick move. Not mess with the timing so much, but more of an exaggerated and caricatured version of what a skilled dancer can do. The problem with CG is that if you show what a really talented dancer(for example) can do it doesn't have the same thrill, it feels like motion capture. In CG the onus is on us to exaggerate a little more. (Hand Drawn has a little scruffiness that lets it get away with it.) Take it to the point where it's clearly being exaggerated, you can always dial it back. You have to break the illusion of realism a little bit to make it work as animation. Just push the poses maybe 20% more. Can keep the timing, and you don't want to push every single pose, just pick places to push the extremes a little more.

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