Thursday, May 27, 2010

Interview tips

Post over at Shawn Kelly's tips and tricks about Travis Tohill's interview for ILM. (I was blown away by his mime animation back when I saw it on the AM showcase.)

interesting points:
they started by asking about my workflow and how I approach shots. They were especially interested in whether I used video reference and how I plan my animation. Letting them know that I use video reference when starting nearly every shot I do definitely put me on their good side... just a little tip.

The next batch of questions focused on what types of animation I was comfortable with, where I felt I could use improvement, and what types of animation I hoped to do in my career.

They asked me if I was interested in "hard surface" animation (things like cars, planes, boats, etc) I assume this the grunt work that junior animator's get instead of juicy acting stuff

Next, they asked if I was excited about Transformers 2. This is really interesting, are they trying to weed out uber fan boys, or hire them? And if it were a small boutique shop would they be looking for some ego stroking?

Anyway, definitely thoughts to keep in mind for when the time comes. I can only add don't wear a tie. I'm still getting teased about looking like a kindergarden teacher since I wore one to the interview for my current gig (c'mon it was my first interview in the biz)

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