Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cafe Allonge

was touch and go with this film, but the weirdness won out. The french sure have embraced anime and run with it. Created by Kawanimation studio

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Anonymous said...

That blew me away! It had something Bill Plymptonesque too in the perspective and the character reactions! Absolutely inspiring and darkly humourous! Thanks , I checked out the website too, they really are wonderful in their humour and they way they use line and colour is fresh and wonderful. Now my sneaking yearning for a kitch and cheesy waterfall light picture has been confirmed as French cool I'll get one to remind me of that fresh style and humour! Well after I can finally afford my new wacom!Probably they just feel like us, animation nerds/geeks too, judging by their great humour. Awesome shading. I'll pass on the link to Frank via your blog, I was talking to him yesterday about this company after I watched this a week ago.