Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Children's Movie

I saw a quote a few months ago and I've been trying to refind it and remember who it was from. Lasseter, Miyazaki, Henson? The gist was: we don't make films for children, we make films that will be fun for all people, and some of the ideas may be to adult for children, but children live in our adult world and they have to make sense of it because they will one day be part of it, no reason to patronize them in film.

this Miyazaki quote was close but I don't think it was the original.
“Making a true children’s film is a daunting challenge because we need to clearly portray the essence of a truly complex world,” observed Hayao Mizayaki. “A really dedicated children’s film is something that adults will also find rewarding whereas films made for adults, which consist simply of a kind of adornment and decoration, will leave children deeply dissatisfied. I oppose simplifying the world for children. The fact of the matter is that children know, somehow they intuit and deeply understand the complexity of the world we live in. So, I would suggest that you not underestimate children.”

and ed catmull:
children live in an adult world and they're used to hearing things they don't understand. We don't put things into a movie that would offend families, but we write the dialogue and stories for us, we want them to meaningful for us (the adults). Animation has the advantage of naturally having a physicality that is fun to watch.

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