Monday, September 27, 2010

Bird flight by Brendan

Brendan Body has an epicly awesome tut on bird flight. I just got schooled, I love it, I thought I was good at wings and turns out I do everything wrong, ha ha. So check it, great video examples, physics discussions, biomechanical anatomy based information. Great stuff!!!!!


Frank said...

Hey Alonso. I was late to this resource and when I had a look, of course you had already sniffed it out.

Your blog is priceless.

I found Brendan's post via my iAnimate instructor (Jacob Gardner) blog, 'Spaeking of Animation'.

Alonso said...

Jacob Gardner's is awesome. Seems like he rocketed from student to pro in lightspeed, you're so lucky to learn from him :)

Frank said...

Jacob is great. Always laughing (sometimes maniacal). Working at Dreamworks and also sharing via his blog posts. He has a really good eye for detail in his critiques. Yeah, it's great.

I've just been watching a Mike Walling Q&A as well. He's cool and was using trad 2D examples (Milt Kahl) to improve 3D animation.

There's just not enough time in the day. It's great doing something that you want to bounce out of bed for.

Thanks for posting on the ARC recently as well.