Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Facial Expressions by Gary Faigin

got this book out from the library finally, I've seen it kicking around as a suggested on lots of animators sights but I always assumed it was just like a pose gallery. Really excited about it now that I've flipped through it, looks like a more in depth on the muscles look at specific expressions and nuances between expressions. Seems like with Emotions Revealed by Paul Ekman and this one you can totally unlock the face and make have total control of it as an instrument for your acting.

this image I saw on my first flip through, which is awesome because I've been thinking about this idea of "how do you make a character stare off into their own landscape" ever since Carlos Baena spoke about it back in October 2008

so anyway, I'll report back more once I have a chance to read it and absorb it. (might actually prove worth buying a copy of my own, we'll see.)

*sorry, the book has proven so useful that I'm just going to buy it, so don't need to transcribe notes onto the web because I'll have the original. It's great because it talks about the muscles involved in making an expression, with typical furrows and bulges, and also analyzes the expression down to the most subtle version. So great for drawing & acting 11/14/2010

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