Saturday, March 12, 2011

Backwater Gospel - Making Of

So, when the Animation Workshop showed up on the scene last month this was the other notible short. Dark atmosphere.

The Backwater Gospel from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.

By: Bo Mathorne, Tue T. Sørensen, Arthur Gil Larsen, Rie C. Nymand, Mads Simonsen, Thomas H. Grønlund, Esben Jacob Sloth, Martin Holm-Grevy

ran across this making of it later. What's interesting to me is the way Bo Mathorne builds the characters (jump in to 1 min in) Flat projections bent into shape, and the mouth is just cut outs.

Bo Mathorne, Making of The Backwater Gospel from Bo Mathorne on Vimeo.

interesting to me because the new paradigm means letting go of trying to do the Pixar, Dreamworks, Bluesky render every grass look. Keith called it, the more you can simplify the less the eye worries about it, add a little noise and you can get by with so little.

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michelle said...

Wow, Gruesome but astonishingly well made! Something Egon Shiele about the characters and their design is so satisfying, for the mood of the story. I like how the shots are like looking through half closed eyes....phew...the colours in the preaching scene blew me away! So Much more to rave about, so good!It IS gripping!