Thursday, January 19, 2012

Justin Rasch

Justin Rasch went in under 5 years from stopmo virgin to working on Laika's latest. A journey he chronicles on his blog (awesome). I've looked up these vids a couple of times, his early experiments in stop mo, to see how he started out.

Here's the stuff he's doing lately.

here's the early work.

Every once in a while I poke at stopmoti for an evening.(an older attempt) Nice to see that my cg animation skills are theoretically transferable. But so far I think I still have a lot of stumbling blocks before I can actually see what I could achieve (ala badly made puppets, flimsy little stages the cat knocks over, having to sleep) or maybe it's just a lot of excuses.

(things to figure out:
fixing the puppet when not on feet
easier feet (currently 1 nut in foot w/ a bolt & wingnut below, tedious to do)
change poses without having to pick up the whole puppet (especially compressing expanding spine, if I try and do it in pose it bends in the wrong places and doesn't give me the graphic shape I want)(maybe not double wrapping the wire)(maybe just having a durable stage that I can really lean on so I can do it in pose)
cleaner solution for holding/interacting with objects
and clearly lots of practice animating

hi Justin, hope you don't mind me putting these up (I had tracked them down a couple times on your youtube page and wanted to be able to find them faster) I'll take down the post if it's not ok.

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jriggity said...

Not a Problem man...I am honored you would post them at all...