Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pants pants pants

Let's see, reroofed a bit, painted a room, took the kids swimming in pools ponds and rivers. Finally got around to sewing some pants, painted all the noses, and shoes. Skinned all the humans, and painted them (acrylic on top of masking tape on top of newspaper, will it work or will it crack?) Finally did a final dip on kong's hands. And sewed some pants for him, they fit better than I expected, but now I'm looking at them and realizing they're gonna boil and jitter all over. Oh well, good enough. (I did maybe 4 paper pants versions before I got to fabric.) The foam of his body has come off a bit, so now I'm using hot glue to reattach instead of the original spray adhesive, I'm betting I do some tailoring with hot glue as well. Oh, also been writing out the dope sheet, the music is acapella so it seems like they mixed up the rhythm some. I tried to use Beatronome but the rhythm was to varied, so grinding through it in a 3d package because I'm familiar with that, and writing it by hand. Hilariously I thought I'd be done with this project by March (I don't now why, I thought low standards would speed it up, I'm not even really sure why it's taken this long.) What's keeping me moving is that the year is half over, and it's definitely not a project worth letting drag on into a 2nd year. What's left: shirt and then jacket for kong, figure out a floor for drilling tiedown holes, figure out lights, and sets. Hopefully animation isn't too far away, but clearly I'm terrible at estimating time. Definitely if I do something again I'll find a way to just sculpt it and mold the whole thing. (I was thinking silicone maybe, no oven).


jriggity said...

it always takes longer than you think!!

cant wait to see your animations!!


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thanks for the encouragement guys :)