Friday, November 8, 2013

Another Stop Motion test

Stayed up much to late working on this. But it's at 24 fps.  OMFG I need to figure out a flying rig system, I way to often rely on holding it with my hand off screen which I think slows me down since that leaves me only 1 hand to pose with. This was one of the extra's from the Kong short I had planned, but I'm over that now, the point of it was to have an excuse to get me animating, but to actually proceed with it would be a lot more production for set creation and stuff and I just want to animate. So yay, I have a puppet with a face ready to go. I can see how doing a couple rehearsals would help you nail it, I can see where I should push arcs higher or spread out the timing a little more.  Still it was super fun!!

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