Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jog StopMo Me

I accomplished using tie downs and a flying rig without supporting it by hand, and thought through things ahead of time to make sure that it was possible to animate without major contortions to stay off camera or get the tie downs in, so little by little improving. I meant to do a walk, but I guess I've been animating in video games too long. The ground is a piece of poster board, so I could put holes in it without drilling and waking up the kids. My cat wanted to help, she's currently head butting the screen trying to get me to pet her. Lesson: once you start animating don't stop til your done, the camera bump came from getting up to get water, but much better than I've done in the past, the set was taped down, the camera was isolated, my chair just happened to bump the table when I got up. (oh I've realized that iphones don't want to look at blogger vids, sorry, someday maybe I'll actually upload them to youtube or something)

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