Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Bones are True

When I hug my loved ones, I always squeeze too tight. Over the years it's occurred to me the reason I do this, to me bones are true. Flesh and meat is weak and changes and shifts with age and time but your skeleton is like stone it's strong and keeps it's shape and hangs your ever changing flesh upon it. You can call it a metaphor but to me I think one is equal to the other, Your bones is your soul, who you really are, your real emotions, your day to day fleeting moods and feelings are your flesh but who you really are, what you really feel, the true you is always underneath and if you sat yourself in the desert for 100 years that's what would be left. The true you, your bones, the bones are true. Probably not being super clear, it's an abstract concept I'm trying to clothe in words, but hey this blogs really for me anyway so I'll understand at least :P

Saw Up last night, to see my impression highlight below (trying to not spoil anything for anyone)
Anyway, I felt like Ellie stole the show in Up. The first act of the movie, the whole relationship between Carl and Ellie, that's what I cared about. The rest of the movie was just ephemeral flesh, but Carl's love was bone. (* spoilers over)

Had me thinking about Brian McDonald and his invisible ink blog I talked about before. (here, and here) Specifically about the short film of his I saw and how it's a strong film because some bones show through in it. Basically the part that is going to stick with your audience is the part where they feel the strong true emotions. We respond to seeing another human being truly, with out all the fluff and distractions we throw up everyday to keep each other from getting so close. But as film makers we want to make films that connect to the audience ... this is what makes that connection, true emotions, "sincerity", the bones.

(Brian's post about that film is April 8, 2006 (2nd post on the page) if you're curious to see what he says)

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