Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jason Martinsen Reference reel

Hey just ran across Jason Martinsen's site. Not only does he have a great reel with Horton and Ice Age stuff. But he also has a very interesting reel comparing the reference footage (and hand drawn ideas) to the finished shots. Check it out!


jmart said...

Ha ha thanks man, appreciated.

jmart said...

thanks man, appreciate!


Alonso said...

Hey Jason, sorry my blog tricked you into double posting :) Hope it was cool with you I linked out to you, just thought your reference was great and good learning tool, and your reel was lots of fun and inspiring.

I might wind up in Ilion someday myself, my abuela lives in Madrid, but I'm still in Norcal. But I think you've already moved on, so some other time in this tiny animation world, I'm sure we'll bump into each other.