Friday, June 5, 2009

Future of Games=Future of Storytelling

So I know that Japan has been working on facial and emotion recognition, as well as head tracking for sight lines. Not surprised all this other stuffs been in the works. This is the kind of thing that makes me say that film is going to be left in the dust. With open world mechanics where you can go anywhere you want, and this kind of technology making it feel completely immersive, who's going to want to watch movies where the character make stupid decisions ("Don't go in that door") when you can be the hero and make the stupid decisions yourself. :) Of course with this kind of new media, we need a new kind of storyteller to be able to realize it and make use of it, the single thread narrative won't cut it if you can't control your protagonist. Choose your own adventure is closer to what we're going to need. Future is now!

this xbox stuff feels too scripted, more like "what we hope to be able to do soon" not "what we can do now"

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